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Vietnam Gunshot team takes the big sponsor for Olympic 2016
In the morning 27-May in Hanoi, Vietnam gunshot League with sponsors organize a Ceremony to announce sponsors traveling with Vietnam gunshot team in Olympic 2016.



Ảnh: Quang Thắng

Gunshot is an Olympic game that appears in the whole Congress from the past. In Vietnam, with the caring of leaders from Government to local, the persistence of coaches and athletics team, the support at the right time of News Agencies, Gunshot team got remarkable achievements. From the 22<sup>nd</sup> SEA Games in 2003 in Vietnam, Vietnam Gunshot team is always the one of the leader teams in the region. Specially, archer Hoang Xuan Vinh got a Gold medal in the international game, and is the first athletic of Vietnam got a world record. Another markable achievement is Vietnam Gunshot team got two tickets for participating Olympic 2012 and Olympic 2016.

Ảnh: Quang Thắng

With socialize policy and to cheer, support and encourage competition spirit of Athletics, toward to get high achievements in region competition and the coming Olympic game. Vietnam Gunshot League positively finds the sponsors to support athletics, coaches as well as other activities in the next period.

In the morning 27-May, Vietnam Gunshot League respectfully organizes the Ceremony to announce the Sponsors for Olympic 2016 and traveling with activities of Vietnam Gunshot League in 2016: Sport JSC., is the sponsor for activities of Vietnam Gunshot League; SYNOPEX Group &ndash; Korea is the sponsor traveling with Vietnam Gunshot team in Olympic 2016; Gallewatch distributors system is is the sponsor traveling with Vietnam Gunshot team in Olympic 2016.

Whereby, Sports JSC will give VND (1 billion VND) for a Golden medal, 800.000.000 VND for a Silver medal and 600.000.000 VND for a Bronze medal; SYNOPEX group will give every medal in Olympic $50.000 and finance competition customs for Vietnam Gunshot team. And Gallewatch distributors system will give every medal 100 million VND and a Festina watch.
Beside that, these sponsors ensure that they will travel with activities of Vietnam Gunshot League.

On this occasion, Vietnam Gunshot League appreciates the caring of the leaders, the sponsors and News Agencies supports, for the development of Gunshot team in particular and Vietnam Sports in general.

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