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National engineering project mighty star shining millennium

 Synopex Company was established in 1985 in Korea. With more than 34 years of growth and development, we have been bringing to society the products that are highly appreciated for quality, superior in design, constantly catching up with technological innovations in the world and especially those are very environmentally friendly products.

In addition to factories operating in Dongtan / Ansan / Daegu / Pohang / Busan (South Korea), Tianjin, Changzhou, Weihai (China), there are two big factories in Hanoi and Bac Ninh (Vietnam) with a total of 3100 employees.

                                      Synopex - Factory 1 has address at Quang Minh Industrial Park

                                    Synopex Vina2 - Factory 1 has address at Dong Tho Industrial Park, Bac Ninh

Synopex Group's main business is to manufacture electronic components and water filter systems.

First, let’s talk about electronic components manufacturing. Surely you remember the first days of mobile phones. Over time with mane changes, the outstanding development of technology and the relentless research from a simple and rudimentary mobile phone, now it has become smartphones containing an essential part in human life. And we - Synopex - have played a big part in that technological reform. So, what is it?

When it comes to products that make such a drastic change, it is impossible not to mention FPCB - a flexible material that can change the thickness and appearance of phones - and FPCB is the product that Synopex Group is manufacturing at the Synopex factory in Vietnam.

                      Mr. Hwang stated on KBS TV about the application of water filtration systems in FPCB production.

                                               FPCB - One of the products of Synopex VietNam Group.

At Synopex Vina 2 factory in Bac Ninh, we have been researching and developing FPCB circuit board products to supply to big customers such as Sam Sung, Miru, Camara Window and Amtran, etc.

To create a complete and qualified FPCB product, it involves about 20 production stages with extremely high technical requirements. This product is also supplied to our Synopex factory at Hanoi branch - a factory with a scale of 25 million products per month.

                                                 Pictures of production lines of Synopex Vietnam

                                                          Accompanied by a team of high quality workers

One of our achievements in creating FPCB is that the Research and Development Team at Synopex Hanoi factory where has developed the BBT stage - the self-testing and marking of faulty circuit boards, contributing to reducing manpower costs, cost price, error rates, increasing competitiveness and improving product quality when supplied to the market.

                                      Mr. Ra shared his ability to research and develop machines in production

There are many important and necessary factors to make our FPCB flexible circuit board successful. Specifically, we would like to introduce to you a very important element - it is also related to the second business field of the Synopex Group - that is water, water filtration systems.  

                                    Factory manufacturing water filtration systems in Pohang - Korea

You may wonder what electronic components and water are related to, don’t you? The truth is that FPCB factories carry the most important characteristics of water through the use of the UF membrane system, which was researched and developed by Synopex itself. Therefore, water through filters has contributed a lot to high quality FPCB products.

Since 1992, Synopex has started researching on Depth Filter. It is cylindrical and works by the mechanism of water from the outside, then permeated and filtered through 3 layers of Filter, with the ability to filter the smallest molecules of each. Currently, this product is being used in manufacturing industry such as beverage, medicine, electronics, etc.  And it is our pride when Synopex has more than 20 years of supplying this depth filter product to the Japanese market - one of the markets that has very strict quality requirements, and it also accounts for more than 50% of the whole market.

                               Water filtration systems are an important element of Synopex's business sector
A very important feature in our water filtration products is environmentally friendliness which is the goal that every business is aiming for. With continuously relentless efforts, Synopex has mastered advanced technology in the field of water filtration. In particular, we received a certificate for an automated water treatment system in 2012. The water after treatment can be drink immediately.

Whether 10 years ago or 10 years later, we always think that we must continue the path of researching new technologies. Ten years from now, we will keep investing in localization of technology and production.

Although we are now leading in the country, we always expect to become a pioneer company on a global scale.

As a pioneering enterprise with a proud scientific and technological level, carrying a limitless abilities.

Be with us to cheer on the development of Synopex to become the global No. 1 enterprise in Eco-friendly products!


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