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 For two decades with the development of information technology and the impact of the economic crisis, many businesses cannot avoid bankruptcy or have to sell themselves.
Business expansion is often considered an ambitious but risky move. Besides the possibility of great success, high profits and own branding are the risk of failure and collapse.
Of course, a crisis is not necessarily a bad thing for a company if they know how to handle it skillfully. Some may even recover after they declare bankruptcy, thanks to restructuring, personnel or salary cuts.
And one of the companies that works skillfully to reach today's peak is Synopex company.
On April 18, 1985, SYNOPEX Company was established under the direction of Chairman Mr. 손경익 Group (Son Gyeong-Ik) with an investment of 33.2 billion won and revenue 165.4 billion won (2018).
With 34 years of business, the company has expanded its business market in many regions and countries such as Dongtan / Ansan / Daegu / Pohang / Busan, China (Tianjin, Changzhou, Weihai), Vietnam (Ha Noi, Bac Ninh) with a total manpower of up to 3100 people.

Many years ago, all over the world we used a bulky phone and it was very inconvenient to use, without high-tech applications. Therefore, Synopex Co., Ltd. has researched and developed it with replacement electronic components, making our phones more compact, convenient and smarter.

With staffs of professional and enthusiastic, Synopex company is supplying to the market products such as PBA, SMT, FPCB and glass surfaces of camera, phone, ipad ...etc. With outstanding features, elasticity and good quality to provide for large corporations such as Samsung, Miru, Camara Window, Amtran .....

Here are some photos of General Director of Synopex Korea and Synopex Vietnam to share about the production process as well as product and work characteristics of the company.

An outstanding feature that Synopex Co..,Ldt. has researched and applied successfully. It is making use of the clean water that the company produces to use as the raw material for FPCB production. This both saves costs as well as ensures product quality.

In the world, having a clean water source to use is a long process and research and no everyone knows how to handle it. Synopex company is a strong corporation in the production of clean water, providing filters for many countries around the world, but more specifically, the company has cooperated with Japan for 20 years on clean water source, quality and advanced filtration equipment.They have received a lot of valuable certificates. For a large country like Japan to have long-term trust and cooperation, there must be Synopex company that has made great pioneering advances that not all companies have. To produce non-simple filters, researchers, employees, along with the company's most advanced and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, they have worked hard to find the optimal solution. To achieve the highest efficiency for clean water process.

Synopex company with a modernized and industrialized working environment. With breakthroughs has made the Korean industry in general as well as the Vietnamese and Chinese industries in particular develop more and more strongly. It's taking the industry to a new level.

With the talented leadership of senior leaders, together with the efforts of the employees and advanced equipment in the company, Synopex Corporation will be stronger than and growing . And in the near future, the Group will have a great influence in the industry that no country can deny.

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